Index of Meme Innovation Blog Posts for 2020

Accounting for Foreign Aid and the Question of Supporting Foreign Aid

Videos of Classic Folk Dances

Biological Evolution Begets Imagination. Imagination Does Not Come First.

Holiday Music Classics

To get America back on its feet, we should not cut foreign aid.

Facebook’s Community Standards BOT: Your Cop, Judge, and Jury

Hallelujah by Figure Skater Veronika Zilina and Alexandra Burke

Respecting a person’s pronouns is suicide prevention

Why Do Myths Persist: Human Psychology Abhors A Vacuum.

The Polymath Professor’s Role in Online Education

General Systems Theory: The Skeleton of Science

How is educational technology integrated in the teaching and learning process?

Simulation Hypothesis References

Know your audience and the distinction between fact and value.

Beginning of Infinity Ch 16: The Evolution of Culture
The Evolution of Culture

Beginning of Infinity Ch 9: Optimism
Having the wealth required to face earthly threats and advanced extraterrestrial civilizations

The Beginning of Infinity Ch 6: The Reality of Abstractions
The Reality of Abstractions

The Beginning of Infinity Ch 4: Creation
Biological Evolution and the Evolution of Human Knowledge

The Beginning of Infinity Ch 3: The Spark
Spaceship Earth and the Principle of Mediocrity Reconsidered

The Beginning of Infinity Ch 1: The Reach of Explanations
David Deutsch’s Theory of Explanation

Beginning of Infinity Table of Contents and Glossary

Common Rhetorical Fallacies

Obligations of a persuasion dialogue

Types of Dialogue

Personal AIs in a Surveillance Society

Four Major Geopolitical AI Scenarios by Danny Hillis

Yuval Noah Harari References

Chapter Summaries of Personality Capture and Emulation by William Sims Bainbridge

Review of Virtually Human: the promise – and peril – of digital immortality
A book by Martine Rothblatt

Review of SuperIntelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies

Review of Kurzweil’s How to Create a Mind

The Five Tribes of Machine Learning

Definitions of Artificial Intelligence

Comprehensive Narrow AI Services as Stepping Stones to Artificial General Intelligence

Paths To and Forms Of SuperIntelligence

The Circle of AI Life Explained

Will Brain-Computer Interface Technology take over College Education? Bowling Alleys may come first.

Brain Computer Interface Reading List

Are you ready for your brain-computer-interface?

Machiavelli on the Problem of Luddites and Sycophants

Kenneth Boulding’s Theory of The Image

Tony Bates on the Lone Ranger Model of Courseware Development

David L. Kirp on the British Open University

Who do Trump Supporters Distrust and Why

Types and Versions of Capitalism

Will society ever create an ultraintelligent machine?

Can Computers and Robots Become Authentic Substitutes for Humans

Opposition To Academic Labor Saving Technology At UC Berkeley

The High Tech Small Study Group Saga

Thoughts on the Costs of Flipping Big Lecture Classrooms

Reading List on What DJT Might Do Between Now and Jan 20 2021

Discussion of Unity, Healing, and What Biden Should Do With DJT

The Case for Creative Commons Textbooks

Was Galileo Trying to Gaslight the Roman Catholic Church in 1,633?

Michael Mann’s Theory of Social Power

Nurture, Nature, Free Will, and Social Responsibility

Alzheimer’s: a poignant portrait of love and heartbreak.

Give the Fed some control of fiscal policy and let them distribute a Guaranteed Basic Income

The value and importance of remote learning starting in 3,200 BCE.

The problem of putting a safe purpose into the corporate machine

Humanity as a Network of Exocortexes in the Cloud

Different Views of Race in Anthropology and Politics

Power and Politics Office Hours 3

On teaching secular and sacred belief systems in schools.

Perhaps an army of gray-haired women will quietly take over the earth.

The Cost Disease Problem in Higher Education and the Winner-Take-All Solution

Continuum of Control Over the Decision Making Process

A Five Level Development Maturity Model

A Four Stage Development Maturity Model

Criteria for the Successful Implementation of Strategic Plans

Five Strategic Planning Models

Mintzberg’s Taxonomy of Organizational Forms

Mintzberg’s Ten Schools of Thought on Strategy

Notes on Strategy

On the importance of reading definitions from right to left.

From Natural Language Understanding to Brain Computer Interfaces

Spaceship Earth Revisited

The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth

On cultural appropriation: Is cultural knowledge sharing a zero-sum game?

A question for biologists and social scientists: How does cooperation evolve?

Of myths and moonshine by Stuart Russell

Power and Politics Office Hours 2

How to Create a Tuition Free, Public, Online University to Produce Free Online Textbooks and Courses

In the Midst of the Pandemic, Academia Rediscovers Tutored Video Instruction

Power and Politics Office Hours 1

Power and Politics Since 1989 – Lecture Videos and Notes

Carville and Matalin: The Political Odd Couple

Anatol Rapoport’s Rules: Why Being Fair To Your Opponent Matters

John Seely Brown on Tutored Video Instruction

Notes on The Artilect War: Cosmists vs Terrans by Hugo de Garis

Nancy MacLean on how the ideas of James Buchanan have influenced Charles Koch

David Sessions on the Roles of Public Intellectuals and Thought Leaders

Some Follow Up Thoughts on Doing Online Education at Circle Pines

Shareholder versus Stakeholder Capitalism References

What is the mission of Circle Pines today, and how has it changed since the beginning?

Noam Chomsky on Madisonian Democracy

Noam Chomsky on the Mondragon Cooperatives and Workers’ Councils

Noam Chomsky: A Model of how Propaganda Works

Noam Chomsky on Postmodernism

Noam Chomsky on Identity Politics, Democrats, and the Working Class

Chomsky on Leninism (1989-03-15)

Noam Chomsky on Karl Marx

Noam Chomsky on Mikhail Bakunin’s Prediction

Coursera Courses for Circle Piners

Barack Obama on the Killing of George Floyd

Martin Luther King Jr. on the Question of “Riots”

Cooperatives, Folk Schools, and Quaker Work Camps

A Timetable of Life on Earth

Discussion of Cooperation as Survival of the Nicest

List of Circle Pines Center Directors

My background with educational technology and online learning at UC Berkeley

Is it time for Circle Pines to dream about an online folk school?

Books on the Cooperative Movement

Notes on the Cooperative Workplace by Joyce Rothschild

References on Circle Pines History and Co-op Economic Philosophy

Co-op Folk College to Open this Fall by Dave Sonquist

Prospectus for a Cooperative Work School by Dave Sonquist

Early Memories of Circle Pines Center by Jerry Gordon

Bill Knox on the Economic Philosophy of the CO-OP Movement

Bill Knox on Hard Times and the Big Split at Circle Pines

Louise Strandness Gosho on the Idea of a Homestead at Circle Pines Center

How We Came To Be: A Brief Look at the Beginnings of Circle Pines

Criticize the belief system, but love the believer

Can online learning be a partial RX of Higher Education’s Cost Disease?

Notes on The First Machine Intelligences by Daniel Hillis

The Promise and Peril of AI in Education

Geopolitics of AI References

Why is UC Berkeley known as a bad college for undergrads?

Personal AIs that know more about us than we know about ourselves

The Three Uses of Educational Technology: Instrumental, Informational, and Instructional

Story Tellers, Scribes, and the Long Term History of Educational Technology

The Old Innovation Memes Blog

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