Index of Meme Innovation Blog Posts for 2021

How to tell if you are a robot: Take the test

John Mearsheimer’s Realist Theory of International Relations

Thoughts on the challenges of using EdTech during the pandemic

The Great Delusion of Liberal Hegemony

Reading List of Videos and Books by John J. Mearsheimer

Cybersecurity, Law, and the Fallacy of Composition

Wouldn’t it be better if we just could meet face-to-face at places like Olney or Circle Pines?

Analyzing Arguments with AI Tools like GPT-3

My History at Circle Pines (1967-1980)

Derek Bok on the two cultures in Higher Education

Informal Logic by Douglas Walton

Educational Technology and the Process of Teaching and Learning

Notes on the Appeal To Reason in Rhetoric

Metascience and Politics: An inquiry into the Conceptual Language of Political Science

Thoughts on How China is Using AI and Surveillance Technology in Classrooms

Thoughts on Tim Berners-Lee’s New Company:

How to Understand the Banking System: Just make a few simplifying assumptions.

A dilemma for AI research: Do we want AIs to be just like us?

AI and Machine Learning Quotes

The Square of Opposition

Group Loyalty versus Self-interest

An Energy Flow Model of Cosmic Evolutionary Change

Notes on the immigration policy and population growth debates

The Sad and Dangerous Lifeboat Metaphor of Earth: How Many Trump Supporters View the World

Power elites, climate change, mass migration, and the tragic lifeboat metaphor

The Cowboy, Spaceman, and Lifeboat Metaphors of Earth’s Economy

Why society should want to automate the work of college professors.

The Dewey-Lippmann Debate

Discussion of Courses on Anti-racism and Critical Race Theory

The Convergence of Stakeholder Economics and the Ethics of AI Research

Should Critical Thinking be Part of What We Teach at Circle Pines?

Circle Pines Center celebrates 75 years as quiet Barry County gem
by Seth Graves

Camp Co-op by Harold Henderson

Four Lessons in Simple Logic

Definitions of the Circle Pines Mission Statement Values

Doughnut Economics Reading List

A List of Questions on the Mission of Circle Pines Center

Notes on the Cooperative Movement, Circle Pines, and the Harper’s Letter on Justice and Open Debate

Reading List on Harper’s Letter on Justice and Open Debate

Rules for Handling Distance Education During a Crisis

Circle Pines Center’s Transition from Cooperative to Social Justice Education

Can Circle Pines Function as a Cooperative in a World where Cooperation does not exist?

Identity Politics Reading List

The Great Replacement Theory Explains the Main Motivation for the January 6th Insurrection

Thoughts on Hannah Arendt and Paulo Freire

David Deutsch: The Four Strands of the Fabric of Reality

K. Eric Drexler – Radical Abundance: how a revolution in nanotechnology will change civilization

Review of The Visioneers by Patrick McCray
In this book, McCray discusses two visioneers: K Eric Drexler and Gerard O’Neill.

David Deutsch: Fabric of Reality Table of Contents and Glossary

The Two Arrows of Time: Entropy and Evolution
Kenneth Boulding and David Deutsch on Entropy and Evolution

Kenneth Boulding: A Primer on Social Dynamics: History as Dialectics and Development

Kenneth Boulding’s Three Sagas and the Grand Challenges of Life

Do Elite Universities Need To Limit the Number of Seats at the Table?

Evolution as Computation

The Knowledge of Value and the Value of Knowledge

The Learning and Reality-testing Process:
The Relationship between the Image and Reality

Notes on John Mayfield’s General Theory of Evolution

The Engine of Complexity: Preface and Introduction

The Engine of Complexity: Table of Contents

Max Boisot’s I-Space Model of Knowledge

Max Boisot’s Filter Model of Data, Information, and Knowledge

Kenneth Boulding Quotes

Does the Bible condemn homosexuality, and do the Clergy want you to Read and Interpret the Bible for yourself?

A long rant on student loan debt.

A question for a course in Advanced Geek Meditation.

Which is more environmentally friendly: synthetic beef or beef from cattle?

What is missing from this classic Chinese proverb on learning?

Remote Learning and the Motivation to Learn

A Meditation on Modus Ponens and the Tooth Fairy

TVI and Scaling the Small Seminar
Tutored Video Instruction is both an old and effective idea – one that could be used as a substitute for large lecture classes.

The First Machine Intelligences by Daniel Hillis

Don’t short GameStop. Learn about option spreads.

The Social Responsibility of Business by Milton Friedman

Thoughts on Inverse Reinforcement Learning and Intelligent Tutoring Systems

The Advent of the Student Mind Clone and the Personal AI

Faculty to get help with websites

Seminar examines standards for developing online course
management and digital library systems

New tools help instructors create and maintain course websites

A Brief History of Learning Management Systems at UC Berkeley

Archive of Educational Technology Articles from UC Berkeley

The pros and cons of working collectively versus those of working alone.

Moves afoot in the US House to do away with ‘he’ and ‘she’

My answer to Quora question about the UK and US education systems.

The Purpose Of Education
by Martin Luther King

Thoughts on what students should look for in a course and a school.

Letter responding to Newsom’s plan for free public textbooks.

How Gavin Newsom’s open textbook plan differs from Schwarzenegger’s plan to use ebook readers

My Thoughts on California’s Plan to Develop Free Textbooks

Josh Hawley’s Brand of Christianity
by Fred M Beshears

How Bloom and Anderson Categorize Thinking and Learning

Database Normalization and the First Three Normal Forms

Single Payer Health Care and Other Upcoming Dem Debates

Schopenhauer’s three stages of truth is way too optimistic.

Free Speech: The NFL vs Colin Kaepernick and Google vs James Damore

Free Speech, Hate Speech, and Employer Regulated Speech

Using the 2021 Storming of the US Capitol as a Case Study

The Woke Navy Discovers Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island

Socrates and Machiavelli on Institutional Change

A List of Philosophical Schools Of Thought

Ralph Nader Explains the Rise of Corporate Democrats

Fallibilism and the Scientific Method

Four Big Issues That Help Explain Trump’s Rise To Power

The story of Job, the dilemma it addresses, and the dubious answer it provides.

World Views as Blind Men Trying to Understand An Elephant

Thoughts on Funding Research on Warp Drives, UFOs, and Faster-than-light Travel

Stuart Russell’s new model for guiding the development of machine intelligence

The Ant Colony, Human Civilization, and Facebook Cat Photos

Agents Acting in a Task Environment and in Organizational Roles

AIMA – Section 2.4.7 Components of Agent Programs

AIMA – Section 2.4.6 Learning Agents

AIMA – Section 2.4.5 Utility-based Agents

AIMA – Section 2.4.4 Goal-based Agents

AIMA – Section 2.4.3 Model-based Reflex Agents

AIMA – Section 2.4.2 Simple Reflex Agents

AIMA – Section 2.4 The Structure of Agents

AIMA – Section 2.3 The Nature of Environments

AIMA – Section 2.2 The Concept of Rationality

AIMA – Section 2.1 Agents and Environments

AIMA – Ch02 Intelligent Agents

AIMA – Ch01 Introduction

AI: A Modern Approach – Table of Contents

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