Index of Meme Innovation Blog Posts for 2022

Marian Byrnes brought her own magic to Circle Pines

Thoughts on Kevin Carey’s book – The End of College

A Quick Overview of College Disrupted by Ryan Craig

Macroeconomic Indicators and the Stock Market

Blaming the AI Technology We Fear

Zack Beauchamp on the Defenders and Critics of Liberalism

Binary Thinking vs Critical Thinking

The Feynman Effect – aka the Illusion of Understanding

On deciding what we should teach in our public schools and elsewhere

Someone has rediscovered a simplified way to solve the quadratic equation!

If we cancel student debt, then we should also create a US Open University.

Exchange Traded Funds for Major Indexes

Notes on the Photo Albums in the CPC Facebook Group Site

A Reading List for Web3, the Metaverse, and Blockchain

Do you get what you seem to pay for?

Does The Great Replacement Theory Explain The Republican’s War on Democracy

Thoughts on Birth Control, Immortality, and the Curse of Methuselah

Circle Pines After Lunch Song List

Academia, Drug Gangs, and Winner-take-all Markets

References on International Relations by Noah Zerbe

Books on International Relations

The Ukraine Crisis and Russia’s Policy on Nuclear Weapons

Divisions on both Left and Right: It’s enough to make your head spin.

US Involvement in the Internal Governance of Ukraine in 2014

What was the Maidan Revolution of 2014?

Marxist Views on the Ukraine Crisis and World Order

How Long Can the US Borrow from the Countries It Sanctions?

Foundations of Global Politics by Noah Zerbe

Critical Theory in International Relations by Noah Zerbe

Key Concepts in International Relations by Noah Zerbe

The International Political Economy by Noah Zerbe

Mainstream Theories of International Relations by Noah Zerbe

Is the US a Passive Bystander in the Ukraine Crisis?

References on Jack Matlock – Last US Ambassador to the USSR

Contrasting Views on the Ukraine Crisis and NATO Expansion

NATO Members and Former Communist States as of 2020

References on Political Realism and the Belief that Might Makes Right

Notes on Glenn Greenwald’s Take on the War in Ukraine

GDP – one measure of a country’s capacity to wage conventional war

Two Opposing Expert Views on Ukraine

Web3, SoftwareICs, MicroTransactions, and ComponentSoftware

The Putin Doctrine – his version of the Monroe Doctrine

The idea that God is love, and the importance of reading definitions from right to left

The Logic of Vampires

Reading List on Critical Thinking

Discussion of the relative merits of F2F Dialog and Writing

My History with Circle Pines Photos and My Plans for the Future

CPC History Talk at the 50th Reunion in 1988

Reading List for the Digital Surveillance State, Surveillance Capitalism, the Persuasion Industry, and the Rise of SuperAI

More Volleys in the Superintelligence Debate

The Future of AI and Automation: Stuart Russell versus Paul Krugman

The Four Technologies of the GRIN Apocalypse

Four views on immortality

AI Book Recommendations

Technological progress: Should we freeze it, go back, or go forward with caution?

Transcript of an Interview with Robert Pape on the Jan 6th Insurrection

Notes on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Handbook 2021

Discussion of why college tuition is so expensive

Thoughts and References on the Meme Idea

A Philosophical Approach to Systems Analysis and Design

Critical Thinking versus the Dialectics of Meme Warfare

Thoughts on Disagreeing with Scientists and other Experts

Applying the Blind Men and the Elephant Parable to Critical Thinking

The Greater Fool Theory of Investing

The Spirit is Strong, but the Flesh is Weak

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