The Four Technologies of the GRIN Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the GRIN Apocalypse are:

  • Genetics – George M Church
  • Robotics – Hans Moravec
  • Information Technology – Ray Kurzweil
  • Nanotechnology – K. Eric Drexler

A GRIN Apocalypse Reading List

Barrat, James. Our Final Invention: artificial intelligence and the end of the human era

Bostrom, Nick. Superintelligence: paths, dangers, strategies

Church, George M. Regenesis: how synthetic biology will reinvent nature and ourselves

Dooling, Richard. Rapture for the Geeks: when AI outsmarts IQ

Drexler, K. Eric. Engines of Creation: the coming era of nanotechnology

Drexler, K. Eric. Radical Abundance: how a revolution in nanotechnology will change civilization

Dyson, George. Darwin among the Machines: the evolution of global intelligence

Eden, Amnon. Singularity Hypotheses: a scientific and philosophical assessment

Fukuyama, Francis. Our Posthuman Future: consequences of the biotechnology revolution

Garreau, Joel. Radical Evolution: the promise and peril of enhancing our minds, our bodies – and what it means to be human

Kurzweil, Ray. How to Create a Mind: the secret of human thought revealed

Kurzweil, Ray. The Singularity is Near: when humans transcend biology

McCray, Patrick. The Visioneers: how a group of elite scientists pursued space colonies, nanotechnologies, and a limitless future

Moravec, Hans. Mind Children: the future of robot and human intelligence

Moravec, Hans. Robot: mere machine to transcendent mind.

Rees, Martin. Our Final Hour: a scientist’s warning

Rothblatt, Martine. Virtually Human: the promise – and the peril – of digital immortality

Here are some references on the following four related topics:

  • Intelligent Digital Assistants and Intelligence Amplification
  • Virtual Tutors and Theories of Learning and Cognition
  • Mind Clones and Digital Immortality
  • Super-intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence

Intelligent Digital Assistants, Virtual Tutors, Mind Clones, and SuperIntelligence


Definitions of Artificial Intelligence

GRIN technologies and our view of work

Diminishing Returns versus the Law of Accelerating Returns

Advances in AI and automation provide a functional argument for the liberal arts

From Narrow AI Research, to Narrow Virtual Worlds (VR), to Generalized VW Research

A Future With Both Super-intelligent Androids and Pampered Pets

A Commonality Between AI and Education Research Agendas: Narrow AI vs Artificial General Intelligence

References on Transhumanism, Eugenics, and Bioethics

Building ancestral social simulations with intelligent agents

Intelligent Digital Assistants, Virtual Tutors, Mind Clones, and SuperIntelligence

The Immortality Business: Dad-bots, Mom-bots, Kid-bots, and Spouse-bots.

The perils of transhumanism

Life’s Timetable on Earth

Three Tripartite Theories of Personality and Social Class

Attaining serenity in the midst of accelerating change

Spaceship Earth Revisited

Kenneth Boulding Quotes

The Threat of Narrow AI Research and What to do About It

Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil on Merging Human and Machine Intelligence

The Science and Ethics of Human Enhancement

What can humans do to compete with computers and robots?

K. Eric Drexler on Atomically Precise Manufacturing

Virtual Lifetime Tutors and Personal Intelligent Agents

Chapter Summaries of Personality Capture and Emulation by William Sims Bainbridge

Two Intelligent Agents To Serve You For A Lifetime: A Virtual Tutor and A Digital Assistant

The Catch-22 of AI research, and how we might evolve AGI agents

Jobs are for machines, but life is for people. Also, if you cannot beat them, join them.

Ray Kurzweil Quotes

Samuel Butler Quotes

Recommender Systems, Online Learning, Personal Software Agents, and the Path to Digital Immortality

Thoughts on population growth, immortality, and colonizing space.

AI Quotes

Creating A Mindclone Of Emma Goldman, or Mark Twain

Let’s Turn Around the Question of Student Data Privacy

The Path To Artificial General Intelligence

The Five Tribes of Machine Learning

Level of description and abstraction for the brain, computer, and mind

A Radical Way For Education To Help Humans Keep Pace With Automation

What Will Artificial General Intelligence Mean To Democracy?

A Synthesis of the Personal Learning Environment and the Intelligent Agent Development Tool

Computer Aided Argument Mapping for Research and Education

Artificial General Intelligence: Three Visions of What the Future Might Hold

Questioning the Feasibility and Desirability of Artificial Intelligence Research

Will humans go the way of the horse, or will we merge with our technology?

Will Machines Become Persons and Will They Have Rights As Persons

Review of Virtually Human: the promise – and peril – of digital immortality

Three Options for Avoiding the Super Intelligent Robot Apocalypse

Two opposing AI futures: the intelligence explosion dooomsday versus the rapture of the nerds

Review of SuperIntelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies

The Technological Singularity, Digital Immortality, and the Meaning of God

My AI and Evolution Book List

Thoughts on Ramez Naam’s Limits of the Earth

The Singularity as an Internet-of-Exocortexes

Should the military be in the business of developing moral robots?

Thoughts on the race between education and technology.

The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth

Technophiles, Frugalists, and the Grand Challenge of Exponential Growth

Review of Radical Abundance: how a revolution in nanotechnology will change civilization.

Brain-Machine-Brain Interfaces, AGI, and Global Challenges

Summary of Race Against the Machine

Links to Singularity Hypotheses book

Thoughts on Jaron Lanier’s book: Who Owns the Future

What does it really mean to be human

Can unenhanced humanity keep pace in the race against the machine?

What will the Singularity University do after the Singularity?

What Color Are Your Neural Implants?

What is Driving Society Toward the Singularity?

Review of The Visioneers by Patrick McCray

Review of Kurzweil’s How to Create a Mind

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