My Blog Posts on Educational Technology

This is a list of my blog posts on educational technology starting in April of 2020.

I have a similar list from my old blog, which goes from 2010 to April of 2020. You can find a link to that list here.


A quick overview of College Disrupted by Ryan Craig

Thoughts on Kevin Carey’s book – The End of College

The Feynman Effect – aka the Illusion of Understanding

On deciding what we should teach in our public schools and elsewhere

If we cancel student debt, then we should also create a US Open University.

Discussion of the relative merits of F2F Dialog and Writing

Technological progress: Should we freeze it, go back, or go forward with caution?

Notes on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Handbook 2021

Discussion of why college tuition is so expensive


Thoughts on the challenges of using EdTech during the pandemic

Wouldn’t it be better if we just could meet face-to-face at places like Olney or Circle Pines?

Derek Bok on the two cultures in Higher Education

Educational Technology and the Process of Teaching and Learning

Why society should want to automate the work of college professors.

Rules for Handling Distance Education During a Crisis

Do Elite Universities Need To Limit the Number of Seats at the Table?

A long rant on student loan debt.

What is missing from this classic Chinese proverb on learning?

Remote Learning and the Motivation to Learn

TVI and Scaling the Small Seminar
Tutored Video Instruction is both an old and effective idea – one that could be used as a substitute for large lecture classes.

Faculty to get help with websites

Seminar examines standards for developing online course
management and digital library systems

New tools help instructors create and maintain course websites

A Brief History of Learning Management Systems at UC Berkeley

Archive of Educational Technology Articles from UC Berkeley

My answer to Quora question about the UK and US education systems.

The Purpose Of Education
by Martin Luther King

Thoughts on what students should look for in a course and a school.

Letter responding to Newsom’s plan for free public textbooks.

How Gavin Newsom’s open textbook plan differs from Schwarzenegger’s plan to use ebook readers

My Thoughts on California’s Plan to Develop Free Textbooks

How Bloom and Anderson Categorize Thinking and Learning

From April 2020 to December 2020

The Polymath Professor’s Role in Online Education

How is educational technology integrated in the teaching and learning process?

Will Brain-Computer Interface Technology take over College Education? Bowling Alleys may come first.

Tony Bates on the Lone Ranger Model of Courseware Development

David L. Kirp on the British Open University

Opposition To Academic Labor Saving Technology At UC Berkeley

The High Tech Small Study Group Saga

Thoughts on the Costs of Flipping Big Lecture Classrooms

The Case for Creative Commons Textbooks

The value and importance of remote learning starting in 3,200 BCE.

The Cost Disease Problem in Higher Education and the Winner-Take-All Solution

How to Create a Tuition Free, Public, Online University to Produce Free Online Textbooks and Courses

In the Midst of the Pandemic, Academia Rediscovers Tutored Video Instruction

John Seely Brown on Tutored Video Instruction

Some Follow Up Thoughts on Doing Online Education at Circle Pines

Coursera Courses for Circle Piners

Cooperatives, Folk Schools, and Quaker Work Camps

My background with educational technology and online learning at UC Berkeley

Is it time for Circle Pines to dream about an online folk school?

Can online learning be a partial RX of Higher Education’s Cost Disease?

The Promise and Peril of AI in Education

Why is UC Berkeley known as a bad college for undergrads?

The Three Uses of Educational Technology: Instrumental, Informational, and Instructional

Story Tellers, Scribes, and the Long Term History of Educational Technology

From 2010 to April 2020

My Blog Posts on Educational Technology

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