The Old Innovation Memes Blog

From 2010 to April of 2020, I maintained a blog on BlogSpot called Innovation Memes.

It had articles on education, technology, artificial intelligence, and social evolution – the same themes you’ll find on Meme Innovation, the WordPress blog you are now reading.

You can still access my old Innovation Memes blog at:

My old Innovation Memes blog also featured a number of specialized blog post indexes and reference lists. I’ve listed some of them below.

An Easy To Access List of all my Innovation Memes blog posts

The final index of all Innovation Memes blog posts (organized by date).

Other indexes of my blog posts and reference lists on my Innovation Memes blog.

A List of Philosophical Schools Of Thought

Energy and Climate Change Reading List

Geopolitics of AI References

Identity Politics Reading List

My AI and Evolution Book List

My Blog Posts on Educational Technology

Reading List for the Digital Surveillance State, Surveillance Capitalism, the Persuasion Industry, and the Rise of SuperAI

Reading List on Strategy, Knowledge Management, and the Design of Organizations

References for Building Data Models and Ontologies

References on Transhumanism, Eugenics, and Bioethics

Shareholder versus Stakeholder Capitalism References

Simulation Hypothesis References

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