Cooperatives, Folk Schools, and Quaker Work Camps


Consumers’ co-operative

Worker Cooperative

Co-operative economics

United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Notes on the Cooperative Workplace by Joyce Rothschile

Folk Schools, Homesteads, Freedom Schools, and Schools of Living

Co-op Folk College to Open this Fall by Dave Sonquist

Prospectus for a Cooperative Work School by Dave Sonquist

The Folk School Alliance: a project of the Folk Education Association of America

A Brief History of Folk Schools

John C. Campbell Folk School

Deep Springs College
[FMB Note: DSC inspired the creation of Thoreau College.]

Thoreau College
[FMB Note: Evolved in collaboration with Driftless Folk School.]

Driftless Folk School Catalog of Course Offerings from 2018
[FMB Note: There website is down as of 9am 6/4/2020, but their catalog pdf is available.]

Folk High School

Highlander Research and Education Center (aka Highlander Folk School)

Louise Strandness Gosho on the Idea of a Homestead at Circle Pines Center

Ralph Borsodi

Heathcote Community and the Heathcote School of Living

Freedom Schools

Chicago Freedom School

Quaker Work Camps

Quaker Work Camp FAQ

Alternative Theories of Education

Democratic Education – A. S. Neill

A. S. Neill

Summerhill: a radical approach to child rearing (book ay A. S. Neill)

Folk School Education – Myles Horton

Myles Horton

The Long Haul (autobiography of Myles Horton)

“Horton pioneered many of the educational principles Paulo Freire would make famous worldwide in the 1980s.”

Pedagogy of the Oppressed – Paulo Freire

Paulo Freire

Pedagogy of the Oppressed

List of Quaker Schools and Summer Camps

Quaker Summer Camps

List of Friends Schools

Mainstream Sociology
A Challenge to the Democratic Workplace, School, and Summer Camp

Robert Michels

Political Parties: A sociological study of the oligarchical tendencies of modern democracy (1911). by Robert Michels

Max Weber

Max Weber Political Theory

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